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 I am so excited to share this great guest post with you today!  Michelle from One too many macaroons contacted me at the beginning of the month and had a great idea--a guest post on travel advice!  Since summer is coming up soon I thought it would be perfect!
I was inspired to write this post after traveling abroad last summer to Colombia. It was my first time traveling without my parents let alone anyone I knew to a foreign country. My mom was born in Colombia and ever since I was younger we would always travel there to visit her side of the family. When her nephew came up to visit us and experience American customs for himself she thought it would be a great idea for me to go to Colombia and experience their customs for myself! Of course I wasn't alone for the trip only the plane rides. Each destination I went to I was welcomed by a cousin, aunt or uncle. Before even buying my ticket I started to re-search anything and everything there was to know about traveling alone to another country. It was so helpful to me to find lists that different bloggers and youtubers made of their "traveling necessities" and I thought I'd share mine with you today!

1. Notebook- My life saver during the entire trip was a notebook that I kept with me and in it I wrote down everything that had any importance to me during my trip. My itinerary, phone numbers, things I needed to buy, places I wanted to go to and so on. That notebook truly saved me a lot of stress and it helped me stay organized throughout my trip. You can purchase really any notebook that you desire but mine was a Lilly Pulitzer spiral notebook in the print First Impressions that I purchased from Lifeguard Press

2. Passport- This one is truly a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people end up forgetting their passport at home and are in a squeeze when their plane leaves in 20 minutes. 

3. Water Bobble- After doing countless re-search I saw that someone mentioned this water bottle and they encouraged everybody to get it. Basically it's a water bottle with its own filtration system. It is so easy to use especially when you're traveling and don't want to spend $10 to buy a water bottle from the air port. 

4. Breath Freshener- Pretty self explanatory. After on a plane ride for however many hours you don't want to greet anyone with bad breath!

5. Phone Portable Charger- If incase your phone dies its always a great thing to have an extra battery with you. Mine is a case that charges the phone for if your phone battery if you're running low. You can also purchase one that attaches into your phone as headphones would. If your phone battery does die really fast you have an extra to help you get through the flight.

6. Headphones- This may be one of the most important items you can have with you while traveling. If you're stuck next to a crying baby or someone who's snoring you can always put your headphones in and try to fall asleep or go to a better state of mind.

7. Backpack- I've always traveled with backpacks ever since I was younger. It really is so simple and extremely convenient to use them when traveling. I use a backpack that came with the suitcase that I purchased because It matches perfectly with my carry-on and it is still extremely spacious and can hold everything necessary for flying. 
Tips to remember when flying!
1. If you're traveling with family make sure to always stay near/with them to avoid getting lost.
2. Of course bring a little make-up (if you wear any) with you on the flight so that you can look amazing for when you get off the plane to meet who's picking you up from your flight.
3. Always wear comfortble clothing when traveling and wear layers cause you never know how hot/cold you will be in your plane.
4. If you are a paranoid flyer buy Zzzquil to help you get through the flight.
5. Enjoy your flight and trip because before you know it you will be on your plane ride home and it will be back


Once again a huge thanks to Michelle for writing this guest post!  You should definitely go and check out here blog :)


  1. Haha I love flying tip number 4! As a nervous flyer, I totally get it ;)

  2. These are great tips, I always travel with a back-pack (it's the perfect hands free carry on!)



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