February Anthro Favorites

Okay, I am officially an Anthro addict.  I always liked Anthropologie before I started working there, but having the job has made me like it even more; probably because I know more about the clothing and I get to see all the new stuff before everyone else... plus I get a pretty good discount, which makes owning the clothes that much easier haha.  Anyway, here are a few pieces I picked for February that I absolutely adore!

sneakers/work out tank/swing dress/shirt dress/pants/stripe shirt

I tell you, Anthro's work out line has inspired me to become more active, simply because I love the way they look!  Also, I can never complain about our selection of dresses.  We always have so many great choices!

What are your favorites for February?  Are any of you loving Anthro's new arrivals?


  1. So cute, love your picks! I'm really loving that black and white polka dot skirt and and that little blue dress!
    xx, Mikkaela

  2. I'm a huge sneaker girl, I think there are so many ways to dress them up or down so I'm glad you featured them in this post.

  3. I'm loving those sneakers! They are seriously too cute! I nominated you for the Valentine's Day Blogger Love Award too! Check out the post on my blog!

    Xo, Kate // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com

  4. That polka dot skirt is so cute!


  5. Lovely picks for less, my favorite are deff the palazzo pants! Xo

    Evolution of Glam



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