Joie Sandals

In the summer, I practically live in sandals, so much so that they tend to wear out really fast.  I bought a pair of Jack Rodgers a few years back (don't get me wrong, they are fantastic shoes), but the rubber sole wore out and now I need some new ones; however, that same summer I bought a pair of Joie sandals, which I am totally in love with that have lasted me for a really long time.

I love Joie for their simple style and for the fact that most of their shoes are made of all leather.  Call me a snob, but I usually won't settle for anything less.  I just love the feel and the quality, and I am more than willing to pay the price for that.  Here are a few pieces from Joie that would be great for your summer vacation!

You can find Joie's complete sandal selection here!  They also have a ton of other great shoes :)

Have you shopped Joie before?  What are your favorite sandals for spring?

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