Five on Friday

I haven't featured a five on Friday post in such a long time, so I figured it was time to bring my top five back since this has been such a crazy, rough, yet eventful week!

1. This is old, but it is seriously such a great blog post!  It was written by my friend Maddy for her journalism class blog and I love it!

 2. Now that it is spring-- finally!!-- I am loving the dress selection.  This one and this one are currently my favorites!

3. My school's spring musical is next week and I am so excited!!  I cannot wait to perform... here is the song I am performing-- trust me it isn't how I normally sing ;)  Also, I promise I will post a video of me performing the song sometime.  I feel like I talk about going into musical theatre a lot, but have never shown you guys anything!

4. Cinderella comes out today and I am enchanted by their enchanting trailer.  Seth and I plan on seeing it either this weekend or the week after the musical!

5. Finally, I am obsessing over this pair of wedges from Kate Spade.  Yes, I know I don't need them, but a girl can dream right?

What has made your week?  Any fun weekend plans?

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