Target + Lilly Pulitzer

Yesterday, Target released their latest look book for their collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer and it was nothing but amazing.  I am not necessarily a Lilly addict, but I have a few pieces and am really happy to have the chance to add a few more pieces to my collection.  The best thing is, the collaboration is generally affordable, which will be great on my pocket!  Here are a few pieces I love!

You can view the whole look book here!
Some people aren't very happy with the Lilly Pulitzer collection because it is a so-called disgrace to the company, but I think that is far from the case.  The fact that Lilly is trying to reach out to people who can't or don't find the need to purchase a 150 dollar dress is fantastic and will do wonders for the company.  Now people can enjoy the same, fun Lilly prints at a much more reasonable price!  After all, why shouldn't we let everyone enjoy the Lilly party?

Do you like the collaboration?  What are some of your favorite pieces?

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