Addressing the Issue of Prep

Since the start of my blog, I have gotten a few comments saying that my blog isn't truly preppy and I would like to let people know that I do understand that, but people and their style changes.  

When I started Prep on a Budget a few years ago, I was truly into the Lilly Pulitzer, Preppy Style, but over the years I, and my style, have changed a lot.  I have gotten older and am now an adult, and that style doesn't really fit me anymore.  It's not that it is a bad style.  I totally get it if you love the preppy style because how couldn't you?!?  It is totally fun and young and great!

Getting older for me has meant choosing a more sophisticated style and maybe a little bit of a high-fashion bohemian touch as well (at least that seems to be where my style taste is right now).

That said, my blog will still be Prep on a Budget.  It is what this blog started as, what I have become attached to, and what you and everyone else knows (and hopefully loves haha).

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