A Trip to the Met


If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that I traveled to the Met two days ago... it was amazing.  Getting older, I have garnered such an appreciation for museums and it was nice to finally visit the Met.  It was also a great excuse to get out of the village, which, sadly, I don't do often enough.

Anyway, the Met has several incredible exhibits right now, two of which my friends and I were able to explore when we ventured uptown on Tuesday.  The first exhibit we looked at was "Encountering Vishnu: The Lion Avatar in Indian Temple Drama", which was fascinating.  A lot of my friends at NYU are from India or of Indian heritage, so it was nice to learn more about their religious and cultural background.  It is such a great exhibit to go visit and will be sticking around until June 5th, so you have tons of time to go see it if you are in the city. 

The second exhibit we were able to visit was "Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom", which was equally as fascinating as the exhibit on India.  Seeing pieces of history like that is just amazing and such a treat.  I can't even believe they have lasted over such a long period of time!  This is another exhibit you must see because it is leaving at the end of January!

What museums have you visited recently?  Is there a particular area of history you are obsessed with?

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