Trends to Invest In

There are certain classics every women knows will never go out of style.  For instance, red lipstick or a great piece of denim; but the real question is, what trends are just trendy and what trends are worth investing in?  

During my first few months in the city, I have been observing a lot of what women are wearing and a lot of what all the major fashion houses have been pushing on the runways.  Although I love a lot of it, I know there are a only a few pieces that will continue past 2016 and beyond.  Here are the top three trends worth investing in...

Anthropologie $98/Nordstrom $195/Rag and Bone $275
1. The Silk Cami: An early 2000s essential, this blouse is making its way back into the fashion world and this time it will be permanent.  The silk cami strikes the perfect balance between laid back and sexy-- a great option for nights on the town, with or without a date.  It also is available in many different hues and shapes, making it applicable for most body types.

Loeffler Randall $650/ Rebecca Minkoff $295/ The Jemma Bag (post to come soon) $398

2. The Structured Tote: Although most women are now opting for smaller bags when going out, the structured tote is a trend every woman should invest in.  Whether you use it for work or traveling, or just the daily commute on the train, the structured tote can come in handy for carrying all of your daily essentials.  The plus of a structured tote is that it tends to be more organized and that it comes in varying price ranges, making it affordable for almost anyone. 
3. The Bralette: A trend I have only recently gotten into, the bralette, is actually one of my favorite trends and one that, at least for 20 somethings if not 30 somethings, will stay in our wardrobes for a long time.  Much like the silk cami, the bralette is sexy, yet laid back and not to mention super comfortable (and, ps, you can lounge in it too!).

 What trends are you investing in?

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