Affordable vs. Ethical

This weekend was a really big research weekend for me.  I spent most of my time watching documentaries and, among others, one really stood out to me The True Cost-- a documentary about the consumerism culture and its effect on our world.  I was shocked. 

It is a well known fact that America is very materialistic, but do we really have a grasp on what the outcome is of our behavior?  We don't and it really isn't our fault either.  We are shown so many advertisements a day telling us to buy, buy, buy, and eventually, we give in even if we don't notice it.  The worst part of all of this is we don't really know what we are buying.

So much of the labor to make products on the market is outsourced to countries in which wages are low and product can be made cheaply.  Although this makes clothing affordable for us, it has a much higher cost in human rights.  That is why I have decided to go on a journey to only buy clothing when I absolutely need something and to buy it fair trade.

I plan to start my journey next month and I will keep everyone updated on how it is going.  Along the way, I also plan to share some great fair trade brands with you that you can feel good purchasing product from.

Please let me know if you watch The True Cost (available on Netflix!!) and if you want to join me on my journey!

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