Catching Up

With this break, I have had much needed time to catch up on a few of my favorite things...

1. Sex and the City: Seriously my favorite show ever and I am so happy to have the time to binge watch it while I'm away from the city-- it makes being away from NYC not so bad ;) 

2. Vogue: I love my magazines and Vogue is by far the best.  Over break I have been able to catch up on a bunch of online articles, my favorites being this and this!

3. Friends: As much as I love the city, I do miss some of my favorite people.  When I came back, I had a little get together with all of my friends and it was great to hear how everyone was.  Being away has definitely made me appreciate friendships all the more.

4. Family Time: Another thing moving away from home does-- it makes you much closer to your family.  Getting to spend time with my parents has been absolutely wonderful and makes me realize how much I love them, even though we can irritate the hell out of each other sometime haha!

What have you loved catching up on over break?

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