Athleisure: The Trend for On-The-Go Women

After searching through recent street style pics and reading up on some of the latest Vogue fashion articles, I've become acquainted with the trend known as Athleisure and I am kind of loving it.  It is perfect for my on-the-go life during school and, not to mention, gives the perfect casual-chic vibe without the effort.  Here are a few outfit inspirations I plan on following for the perfect Athleisure look.

Photos via Vogue

No surprise, Kendall Jenner totally rocks this trend and is slowly becoming my style inspiration for 2016.  Every look she pulls of is so effortless and I love it.  I also love the Juicy (yes that's right Juicy Couture) velour track pants in the second inspiration image.  Liana Satenstein recently wrote an article in Vogue discussing the comeback of this early 2000s wonder and I am very excited to say the least because I was kind of obsessed with velour during my childhood.

What are your thoughts on the Athleisure trend? 

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