Days Off

Well these couple of days off have been nice, but I am ready to get back to school.  I am so bored!  I haven't done much since it has been, literally, an arctic blast outside, but I did get quite a few things done.  While I had these two days off, I thought I would take a couple of pictures to document what I have been doing over here in this crazy weather! 

 The first thing I got done was organizing my year!  I went to Target to do some returns and came upon this sweet Sugar Paper L.A. planner, which is now filled with all of my important dates.  The best thing is it has a little column for notes each month, where I am putting my monthly to-do list! 

 Yesterday, Jason and I braved the weather and went on a little shopping trip to the mall!  I got a wonderful new pair of slippers and this cute little ring dish from Anthropologie!  Jason got some new racing games, which I will also be trying, but we will see how that goes haha.

What did you do during this arctic blast?


  1. The front of that planner is so cute! And is that Ashley's calendar printable I spy? Love it!

  2. I love how that planner looks and the ring dish from Anthropologie is so cute! Hope you have a great first day back at school!


  3. So cute, glad you're keeping warm. I still need to get to a color printer to print out Ashley's calendar!

  4. I love that ring dish! Super cute. Enjoy going back to school!


  5. what an adorable jewelry holder!! :)

    xo, Kira

  6. That planner is so cute! I loved all the things in that group at Target. It sure has been cold out these last couple days. Stay warm!


  7. I went to school! All the surrounding counties had off. I love that planner, this Sugar Paper LA line @ target is going to rob my target card blind if I'm not careful.
    ~ Madylin @ smilesnmiles.com



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