It seems that I am destined to be cursed with sleep deprivation.  No matter how hard I try to sleep soundly, it seems there is an endless list of things keeping me up all night.  I either have to finish homework, which is my fault haha, or I have nightmares that keep me up.  Recently the nightmares have been more of an issue than anything.  For the past few days, I have been having dreams of accidentally missing school, messing up on something, or simply failing in life.  Even though those aren't "terrifying" nightmares, they are still enough to wake me up and leave completely restless; however, I am trying to come up with a way to relax and get better sleep at night.
Better Sleep
I am going to try and stick to this routine because it is, honestly, the only way I am able to sleep well and wake up rested.  Also, the sleep mask helps a lot!  I definitely recommend looking into buying one if you are having trouble sleeping!
Any other ideas for me?  What is your nightly routine?


  1. At the beginning of this school year I was having trouble sleeping due to homesickness and a new environment and stress of college, so I started keeping a journal of at least 3 good things that happened during the day. It cleared my mind and was sort of like a small meditation before I went to sleep. You could always try deep breathing or stretching too for the same results! Good luck!


  2. I've been having trouble seeping recently too, I think I might go buy a sleeping mask and see if it helps.


  3. That mug is too cute! I have trouble sleeping every now and then as well, I still haven't found a remedy for it. Hope you get to catch up on your sleep soon!


  4. I suffer from insomnia so I know exactly how you feel. I would recommend the Bath and Body Works sleep spray, you spray it on your pillows and sheets before you sleep. I swear by this!


  5. Not sure what type of tea you drink, but mint or cammomile works best for me. Cammomile can be an aquired taste, you can combine it with mint to take off the edge. Rebecca

  6. I am making an effort to focus more on what I am grateful for versus what is troublesome in hopes that will bring more positivity and a restful mind :)


  7. I try and put away my phone at least 30 minutes before I go to bed, the screen has a habit of waking my body up when it should be winding down. Also a comfy bed doesn't hurt either!

  8. I am really bad about not getting enough sleep, but I blame that on grad school!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  9. I agree with Alex. I have tried and tried to be able to read on my iPad or do some last minute Pinning while in bed. The bright screen did really trick my mind into "awake mode". So from there on out I have banned electronics from my room, even in the daytime. But my one biggest tip is to watch what you are eating. Eating foods high in protein and good carbs and also lots of fruits and veggies will help you function through out the day and sleep well at night. I would also recommend making sure your tea you drink at night is caffeine free and have something sweet at lunch instead of at dinner. I have a lot more tips, if you wish you could email me. :)

    xo, Kira

  10. Sorry to hear about nightmares :O, I'm lucky to never really get them...but I do have a problem going to sleep a lot. Mostly because I lay down and my mind reels though everything I need to get done. Ugh. Books totally help me the most, but I can get way too into it and end up staying up way too late! Haha :)


  11. I can completely sympathize with you! I've had issues with sleeping my whole life. I used to be terrified something was going to happen to me while I was sleeping when I was younger, so I basically developed severe insomnia. To this day, I constantly have issues with sleep. Everything from irregular sleep patterns and waking up in the middle of the night, to even talking in my sleep! That being said, I have discovered a few remedies. Having a routine definitely helps, so you're on the right track. I, however, take Melatonin when I know I need a good nights sleep before a big day. I hate pills, and would never dream of knocking myself out with Nyquil or something just to fall asleep, but Melatonin is different. I get little tiny pills that dissolve on my tongue and it helps you naturally fall into sleep. I wouldn't recommend taking it every night, but it definitely helps to regulate your sleep schedule.

    Good luck! xx


  12. Hey Hunter! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog to see the full post with the nominations and instructions!




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