Getting back into a normal routine with school has been exhausting.  I miss that extra hour of sleep, relaxing "wake up" time, and getting to enjoy my breakfast; however, it has been nice to have something to do all day haha.  Nonetheless it has been exhausting trying to get back into school and work!  To help fight this exhaustion I created a little list of things that help me get through the day!

Escape Exhaustion
These are tips I live by!  Reading before bed, heading to bed early, and planning an outfit the night before saves me a lot of time and gives me more sleep.  I always eat breakfast, even if it isn't a lot, because it is the most important meal of the day; and, as usual, I take a mug of hot tea to get me going.  Lastly, I always try to stay organized so I am not running around doing things last minute and being unprepared.  All of these tips save me from exhaustion!
How do you fight exhaustion?


  1. Wonderful tips! I always read before I go to bed too it is the best way to unwind!


  2. Tell me about it! My biggest tip is to set multiple alarm clocks. That way if you wake in the middle of a deep cycle at the first alarm, you can recover by the time you need to get up.

    xo, Kira

  3. I definitely think planning out my outfit the night before helps me in the morning because I dont have those freak outs where I have "nothing to wear"

  4. You are so right about everything here! Going to bed early is key, and I think it's super beneficial (and relaxing!) to read before bed :)

    jess | Quaintrelle

  5. Hunter,

    I am feeling the same! I never go to bed early. I'm always up, feeling like I could be doing something. You know?! This list was super helpful! :)



  6. I almost never go to bed early. Usually around 1 am. I'm not even sure why because half of the time I'm doing random things. Monday through Wednesday are usually okay, but by the end of the week I definitely need to catch up on sleep! Thanks for the tips!

    XOXO, Kate




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