Kidogo Kidogo Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Kim from Kidogo Kidogo.  She emailed me about her company and the wonderful work they are doing for women in Tanzania and I was so intrigued!  I think that women empowering companies are great and I am so happy to see them more frequently.  Kim and I got to talking and we decided on doing a little review on Kidogo Kidogo's iPhone cases!  Each iPhone case is $30 and helps benefit a great cause, plus they are great quality cases with great designs by Sarah Markes!

So, a little bit about Kidogo Kidogo's story.  Kidogo Kidogo means little by little in Swahili, which ties into the companies mission.  In Tanzania only 36% of women own mobile phones, and these phones are "life changing mobile technology" to those women; however Kim and Kristen, founders of Kidogo Kidogo, want more women to have access to mobile phones.  Through their company they plan on building mobile phone access for the other 64% of women in Tanzania.  They have partnered with FINCA to give a donation of a mobile phone or phone credits (used for calling minutes/texting) for every phone case purchased from Kidogo Kidogo.

Likewise, they are also partnered with an environmental NGO called Sea Sense that helps protect marine creatures, such as the sea turtle.  A certain percent of the proceeds from the turtle case goes to this cause.

 Personally, I love Kidogo Kidogo's mission.  Empowering women is such an important issue today and I love that so many companies are starting to get on board.  You should definitely check out Kidogo Kidogo!

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  1. the flamingo case is gorgeous! love that it goes to a wonderful cause as well.

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

  2. I love the designs on that phone! Great review Hunter and alerting us to a great company with an even better cause!

  3. I love companies like this! It's great of you to work with them to promote their mission!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  4. This is such an amazing company and I am in love with that sea turtles case!


  5. I love the cases, I love the mission.


  6. Such a great cause!




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