Learning a Language

I have always wanted to learn another language (other than Latin, which I took in high school... it doesn't really count anyway haha) and now I am finally taking the time.  A few days ago I picked up the Teach Yourself French course at half price books for only 16 bucks, which isn't a bad price for learning a language at all!

I am not very far in the course, I only know general conversation and the obvious bonjour, au revoir, however I do know I am on the way.  Ultimately, I want this to get me prepared to study abroad because I really want to study in Paris and NYU has a great theatre course there through one of their global sites.

Another reason I want to learn French, it is so important to know another language no matter what language it is.  It makes you a well rounded person and, who wouldn't love to have another language down fluently!

So, for now, au revoir!

Are you studying a language right now?  What languages do you love?

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