Lunchin' at Sleepy Bee

I brunch at Sleepy Bee all the time, but I had never eaten lunch there before until Abbey and I decided to try it out!  We went after I got off of work and came in at the perfect time (for the most availability go during the week at either 10:30 for brunch and 12:00 for lunch) so we didn't have much of a wait.  

We also came in knowing exactly what we wanted... Grilled Cheese!

The grilled cheese is an absolutely fantastic lunch choice along with many other menu items.  Every part of the meal is locally sourced-- even the milk used to make my latte!  And, if you want a little bit of breakfast too, then you can get a pancake on the side to split.  Or, if you just want pancakes...

Sleepy Bee literally has the best pancakes in the world!  They are fluffy, sweet, and everything you could want in a breakfast food.  Sleepy Bee also has a gluten free option for those of you who can't eat gluten or just want a healthier pancake.

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Have you tried Sleepy Bee before? 

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