While everyone and their mother is discussing the N sale, I wanted to talk about money.  Money is an odd concept really.  I was thinking about it the other day while I was driving home from work and after buying something...I thought: wow, almost everything costs money.  Isn't that crazy to think???

Thinking of that really prompted me to then conserve my spending, not only because I spend a lot, but because I want to take the time to enjoy the things that are free.

Here is a list of some free experiences that are unbeatable:

-Take a walk or a bike ride either by yourself or with someone
-Go to the park and have a picnic with food already at your house 
-Sit down and have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three, with the person you love
-Read a good book while drinking tea or having a cup of coffee
-Re-watch old movies that you rarely watch anymore
-Lastly, revel in the fact that you are alive-- that there are endless possibilities to what you can do in a day and that tomorrow is an unexpected gift.

What are your thoughts on money?

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