New for Yoga

Since I finally found a workout that is good for me and that I enjoy doing, I decided to invest in a new piece of workout wear.  Of course, my immediate thought was Anthro because of my discount, but my friend brought it to my attention that they don't have great workout wear... sigh :(

Not a huge loss though because it would have still been expensive with the discount, so I went to investigate Lu Lu Lemon.  Same story-- too expensive and just not what I was looking for.  Don't get me wrong, I love Lu Lu Lemon, but am not a huge fan of the price, so I hardly ever buy stuff from their store.

Still trying to find the perfect piece, I decided to try Free People and Urban (I get discounts there too).  Urban had some cool pieces but nothing I loved and a lot items I did like were excluded from my discount; however, when I went on to Free People it was a totally different story.  They have great active wear and I went with an awesome bodysuit I can wear for dance and yoga!!

Long story short, check out Free People's Active Wear.  They have a great selection especially if you love yoga!

Where do you buy your workout clothes?

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