Something I Do in My Spare Time

If I had any sort of artistic drawing talent or could sew like it was no one's business, hands down I would have chosen to major in fashion design.  I have always loved expressing myself through fashion and the idea of creating my own pieces and seeing other women wear those pieces, wow, just wow.

Maybe one day that will happen (lucky for me, Seth might go into design), but for now I have started curating a monthly fashion guide.  I am not super artsy, but there is something about cutting out inspirational pictures and perfect pieces of clothing, and getting them down on paper that is so fulfilling.  Collaging also helps me focus my own wardrobe for the month, so that I don't go out and buy new-- instead I rewear and restyle the great pieces I already have.

Here are a few pictures of my collage for the month of July.

This month I really focused on white out-- really popular at Anthro and Madewell right now-- as well as a vintage feminine look that has been making its way back into modern day style.  I always look to Audrey Hepburn for those vintage inspirations of course and all of the a-line skirts right now are screaming Audrey!
Do you collage?  Any bloggers out there going into fashion design?  What are some of your favorite styles this month?

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