To Do: Never Grow Up

The other night I was lying in bed watching a Disney movie and I started thinking about the concept of growing up.  Of course, we have to grow up.  We can't always be five, but one thing I have always found important is holding on to some of that magic.  

Whether it is watching a favorite childhood movie or loving Disney World, never lose sight of your childhood.  For me, personally, there are bits and pieces of my childhood I have held onto that, later in life, have come to help me a lot.  Not only with coping, but also by giving me creativity, joy, and an endless ability to dream.

I still believe that fairies might in fact be out there and I believe there are magical powers beyond our wildest imagination.  I also love Disney World and, if I could, would probably spend my life there.  It is little things like these that get me through hard times and keep me dreaming.

In the famous words of Peter Pan, "Never Grow Up".

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