Previously, you would never catch me in a thrift store.  A vintage store maybe, but not a thrift store.  However, due to Seth and his mom, I now love thrifting.  Not only is everything super affordable, but you would be amazed at some of the goodies you can find if you just look hard enough.

The other day I went to a local thrift store to look at some shoes since Seth had found me a pair rather recently that I just love.  I found so many different styles, but the one shoe that stood out to me was a pair of Via Spigas.  They looked hardly worn and they were black with multi color polka dots (so cute right!).  I just had to get them and, guess how much they were?  Only 5 bucks!!  Crazy right??

So, now I am thrifting away, other than shopping at Anthro of course haha.

What gems have you found at the thrift store before?

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