Dange Dover: Perfect for College

Now that it is 2015, I have started thinking about college even more.  Among all of the super important things, like the FAFSA and my auditions, I have tried to bring in some of the fun things as well, which includes what I might need for college.  I love daydreaming about my dorm and all the cute accessories I, of course, need in order to make it through ;)

One item that I can't stop hoping for, however, is a new bag.  After having the same backpack for six years, I think it is time for me to get something new and something a little more sophisticated-- that's why I love the Dange Dover tote so much.

This bag would be perfect for college and I could use it after college for work as well!  I mean, this bag holds literally everything, plus it is super durable.  And, not to mention, the tote is fashionable and sophisticated-- perfect for any college girl.  Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope my parents will go in half for it haha!

What is your favorite college bag?  Any other totes I should look at?


  1. I love my Dagne Dover tote so so much! The compartments alone make it amazing!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. I loveee the Dange Dover tote too! I love that they aren't just empty like other totes but have pockets for your laptop, your tablet, your smoothie, etc.

  3. This is totally adorable tote! I would make sure to find a really durable bag though! I had a longchamp that I could have easily destroyed! This is perfect for an internship or to use outside of class!

  4. That tote looks amazing! I stuck with my North Face backpack for college, I never really liked the feeling of carrying around a tote. Plus, I was always worried I would ruin my tote, but I knew with my North Face I could throw it wherever - it could take a beating and keep on ticking!


  5. Great choice. Not going to lie, despite always using a tote in high school I used my backpack during college. I definitely agree with Lauren's comment above.

  6. I'm going to graduate college in the spring, and my longchamp has been a handy friend, but just as close to my heart is the typical North Face backpack! Remember that if you're walking for a long time (it could be over a mile to a class! Eek!) you'll probably want to spread the weight of your laptop out over both shoulders, not just one!

    Ohio Stripes



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