So, How Was Vacation?

Now that I finally have things back in order, here is a little overview of my winter vacation went... It was WONDERFUL.  I hardly ever get away from work and Cincinnati, so it was great to be somewhere else for a change and enjoy a small break.

I had never been to Chicago (well, once when I was like five, but I don't remember any of it), and I must say I really like it.  The streets are so clean, the shopping is great, and most people we met were really nice and welcoming; however, I still plan to live in NYC haha.

We also traveled to Minneapolis, home to the Mall of America.  Seth and I didn't get any pictures because it was a) too cold and b) everyone, except us, got the stomach flu, so we didn't go out too much.  Nonetheless, Minneapolis is a really fun city and the Mall of America was pretty darn amazing-- it literally had everything!

Now for some pictures of the Windy City!

What did you do over break?  Any fun vacation details?



  1. These photos are so beautiful and it sounds like you all had a wonderful time, despite a few getting sick. Hope 2015 is treating you well!


  2. Chicago is my favorite city to visit, there is so much to do there. Glad you had a fun little adventure (and avoided getting sick!).



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