The Ideal Living Room

I feel like a lot of us plan our future apartments or homes, at least I do haha, and I thought it would be so much fun to create my own living room using some of my favorite stores!

For my perfect living room, I have always wanted something modern with a vintage twist and I thought Modani had some of the perfect pieces to create this look.  I especially love their couches because they make a great starter-piece and centerpiece for any living room.

I also used a few of my favorite products from my favorite stores to add a little personal touch-- here is my ideal living room... hopefully Seth approves haha ;)

Couch, green, pink, and grey/pink pillows, lighting, coffee table--Modani; rug-- Anthropologie; vase and 8 by 8 prints-- Design Darling; eye mask pillow and 8 by 10 prints-- History in High Heels Preppy Printshop; Mug-- Ashley Brooke Designs

I must say, I would be pretty happy if this was my living room.  I think the vibrant colors would be so much fun and I have always wanted my own gallery wall for prints-- I think Ashley's prints and Amy's photos would be a great addition to anyone's gallery wall!

What does your perfect living room look like?

1 comment:

  1. Ashley's prints make a perfect gallery wall for your room Hunter, you have a great design style.



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