Health Challenge Update

So far so good everyone.  Ever since I started my health challenge, I have been feeling so much better!  I am much more awake, I don't break out as often, and I just feel good.  I am also finding that I really, I mean really, love salad-- it is kind of addicting actually!  That said here are a few ways I have been getting healthier...

1. Salad:  When I started this challenge, I wanted to eat a lot better, and I have.  I have a salad almost every day and am now choosing it over sweets even-- I know crazy right?  The salad I like to eat is a spinach and romaine salad with Parmesan and croutons.  It is really plain, but oh so delicious!

2. Water:  Lots of it.  I hardly drink anything other than water now.  I just don't find anything else satisfying and getting a lot of water puts me in a much better mood.  I do occasionally have a latte if I am really tired, but, generally, I stick to water.  I also really want to try a fruit infused water sometime-- they look so yummy!

3. I Work Out:  Okay, so not quite yet, but I did get the running shoes for this summer and I can't wait.  I am kind of nervous, but it will be good for me, given that I don't die or faint while we run haha.

Are you joining me for the health challenge?  How has your health been lately?

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