Curating My School Wardrobe

I feel like it took me forever to finally get my fall wardrobe in order.  Much like Abbey, I wanted to have a more streamlined wardrobe for fall, one with some great neutrals a few statement pieces.  With this in mind, I started going through my closet and getting everything ready for college and here is a little layout of what I came up with!

orange dress/cords/skirt/t.la tees/long sleeve blouse/wine colored blouse/jeans/short trench/hat/necklace/earrings

I especially love the wine colored colored linden blouse (featured next to the white button down).  It is a great casual piece, but is still neutral enough that you can wear it season to season, and it is so flattering on every figure.

Two other pieces I want to highlight are the Pilcro cords and jeans.  For those of you who shop Anthro, you probably know that Pilcro is one of our signature brands with a great selection of cords, jeans, and chinos, as well as some other fun pieces.  The reason I want to highlight this brand is that they have been re-branding for Fall.  Pilcro is now starting to make more comfortable denim with better quality, yet still at the Pilcro price.  So, you should all check out Pilcro if you have the chance!

How did you curate your wardrobe for school? 

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