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Honestly, the hardest thing I have had to figure out for NYC is my wardrobe.  I can't bring a whole lot and what I can bring needs to be super tailored because I am NOT going to be purchasing any clothes/accessories in NYC.  That, of course, has led me to do a lot of returns at work and I feel terrible.

Every time I come in I feel like I am returning or exchanging and I am just "that girl".  At least I work with people that get it, so it isn't that big of a deal, but this has brought me a lot of frustration with myself.  If I could change one thing about me, well two things, they would be my compulsiveness and my indecisiveness.  These two quirks do not go well together and lead me to make a lot of rash decisions (mostly on clothes) that then leave me regretting the decisions I made.

Luckily, I vented to a few coworkers and I feel a lot better about myself-- it is just who I am and I will always be that way.  Hopefully going on a break from shopping will help me cut down on those bad habits and on stress buying.  With school coming up, I have been so anxious that I haven't really been thinking a lot of my purchases through, however, once I am occupied with school, I think I will do a lot better.  Here is to a break from shopping!!

Are any of stress buyers like me?  How are you curating your wardrobe for school?

P.S. I will have a post up (hopefully) tomorrow on curating my wardrobe for the city!!


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