Cincinnati Eats: Sleepy Bee

Brunch is one of my favorite things ever and, up until now, the places I really liked to go were in NYC; however, my friend Abbey showed me this great little brunch place in Oakley called Sleepy Bee.

Sleepy Bee is a locally owned and operated, farm-to-table style cafe.  They feature a breakfast and lunch menu all with fresh items from locally sourced farms.  Using locally sourced produce, dairy, and grains makes everything taste better and everyone feel better.  My personal favorite menu items include their buttermilk pancakes and their lavender latte-- it is such a treat.

 Featured above: the famous lavender latte and the special of the day (Thursday), Tiramisu pancakes!

Another reason I love Sleepy Bee is the vibe it gives off.  Everyone who eats and works there is always in a good mood and the atmosphere is buzzing (yes that was a bee pun), making it so much fun to sit and eat your meal.

If you are ever in Cinci, I highly recommend checking out Sleepy Bee

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