Once again, another late post because I have no sense of time and can never seem to make it to sleep at a reasonable hour haha.  Anyway, today, I want to talk about Anthropologie.  Of course, I am biased because I work there, but I must say I love their clothes.  Every piece I own is like a work of art and I know they will stay in my wardrobe for a really long time.

That said, Anthro IS expensive if you aren't getting a discount, however, if you are looking for a good place to find an investment piece, it might just be the store for you.  Earlier this morning I read Jamie's post from the Fashion Newcomer about J.Crew and it really got me thinking about the fashion industry, especially the higher end fashion stores.  I wondered: is Anthro true to its style?  Do people like the store I work for?  My honest opinion, besides the prices, I think people really do like Anthropologie because it is company true to its style and aesthetic.  Even before I worked there, I could justify buying myself a little something nice from Anthro because they have an array of styles and pieces that last for seasons far beyond the time you purchase an item.  

Another thing I have noticed, Anthro is taking over.  I don't know if it is because I work there or what, but I feel like I see more and more people walking around in Anthro clothes and I love it!  The styles are so universal.  Here are a few of my favorites from the #summerinasnap feed at Anthro!

 via Cathy Hoo

Are you an Anthro addict like me?  You can find more great styles here!

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