I'm A Graduate

Wow, it is so weird, exciting, and relieving to say that.  After four years, it is bittersweet leaving high school, but I am definitely excited for the future.  College is going to be wonderful and I cannot wait to start in the fall; however, it was really nice to enjoy my last week as a high-schooler.  Here are some pictures from all the events this weekend!!

 Onli Beverages was kind enough to sponsor my event, which was amazing!  I absolutely love Onli and so did everyone at my party-- they made some pretty awesome soda floats :)

I was also really lucky to receive some awesome graduation ceremony invites from Erisha at A Thing Created.  All of her work is beautiful and I loved being able to write my thank you notes with stationary from her store as well!

On top of that, Danny from Four J's Photography in Cincinnati, created a photo booth for our event and made our grad party invites, which were perfect for our 40s theme!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend that I will never forget!  Oh and one more reason this weekend was unforgettable... check the picture out below!

 My friend Kayla and I decided we would take a picture with our school names on a sign and, if you can't see it, I am going to NYU!!!  My parents surprised me this past week by saying I would be able to go to my dream school, as my dad was able to work things out so I could still attend and pursue my dream of acting on Broadway.

So, this really was one of the best weeks of my life and I can't thank my family enough for being so wonderful and doing their best to make my dreams come true!

NYC here I come!!

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