Oh My Goodies

About two weeks ago my family and I switched over to Sprint and we got some new iPhones, which was super exciting, but also super stressful because I have heard so many horror stories about people breaking their iPhone sixes.  I am not about to pay $600 for a phone we are leasing for way less than that.

Anyway, none of those horror stories have come true for me-- fingers crossed, knock on wood, et cetera, et cetera.  The positive side of getting a new phone: I love getting a new case.  Ever since working at Anthro, I have been obsessed with the pressed flower cases, but I was not about to drop $40 bucks on a clear plastic case; however, my friend Cassie recommended trying to look on Etsy and she was so right.

Shortly after browsing Etsy, I found these wonderful pressed flower cases that look great and are super affordable.  The shop is called Oh My Goodies (search shopohmygoodies on Etsy to find it) and an iPhone 6 cases costs about $19 not including shipping.

These cases are not only gorgeous, but they are super durable and the shop has great customer service-- you will not be disappointed!

If you are looking for a new phone case, I highly recommend Oh My Goodies!

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