Monthly Links

As I mentioned on my post last month, I have been working with Grace from Preppy on the West Coast for fun end of the month posts.  Last month we did a recap in Instagram pictures, and this month we decided to do a monthly links post!  I absolutely love doing these because they always sum up what my month has been about.  So, here are my monthly links! 

1. I took a no shopping month (post here)!

2. These shoes are #1 on my obsession list

3. SJP's shoe collection is available at Nordstrom today.  I have literally been waiting for this all month!

4. I am loving this jacket

6. Ashley's post on traveling in style.

7. Anna's (Pinodesk) shop on Society 6.

8. This really fun quiz!

9. Tips from Glitter Guide for watching the Oscars this weekend.

10. Spring come soon so I can wear this! 

11. This outfit from Pockets and Lace Boutique (Get 25% off with code PREP2014)!
What are your favorite things from this month?



  1. Such a cute idea. I am so pumped for the Oscars this weekend so the Glitter Guide tips are perfect!

  2. I will definitely have to check out the glitter guide tips! Hope you have a great weekend Hunter!




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