Too Tech Savvy?

With the recent boom in technology, I am noticing kids being more tech savvy at a younger age.  I think technology is great, but the question I always ask myself is are we too tech savvy? 

When I was a child I used to play imaginary games, hide and seek with friends, bake in the kitchen, and my list goes on and on.  Not to say kids don't do this anymore, but I think there is a big majority that choose not to because of technology.  Instead, they can play video games, text friends, watch videos; all at the touch of a finger.  Now, I'm not meaning to judge the kids, since I know how I feel when adults don't understand what our lives our like; however I think there is a big connection between technology and the change in our lifestyle.

I recently went on an outing to help with bullying problems at the elementary school in my area and I noticed almost every one of the students I worked with had an iPhone or some sort of technology.  The worst part was that they told me that most of the bullying they see takes place online (gossiping, rumors, etc.) and I couldn't help but wonder, is this due to the technology boom of the 21st century? And, how do we stop this from happening?

I'm not an advocate for taking away all and any means of technology because, I admit, it is a huge part of our lives.  Instead we should try and limit ourselves more.  We should try to take time away from the computer, TV, Iphone, and read a good book or go out to eat with friends instead.  

I am personally guilty of spending way too much time on the internet and way too much time on my iPhoneSo much so that I feel bare without them.  Recently, however, I have begun to read more and I have noticed a real difference in my lifestyle.  I have realized I can put down the computer and iPhone and really enjoy being with my friends, enjoy reading a good book, and enjoy spending time with my family :)

This is just how I feel, and I know this can be a really touchy subject for some people, but I am not here to judge!

What do you think about technology?  Are we too tech savvy for our own good?   


  1. I very much agree. My daughter is turning five this week and she uses my iPad for games and books and such. But, I definitely don't want her to have her own phone or her own email or facebook, etc. until she gets closer to her teens (and maybe even beyond that). I think technology is fantastic, but I don't think that it should be the primary form of communication for people under 12. There just isn't enough cognitive reasoning skills at that age for figuring out what is safe, what is sane, etc. Great post! Important discussion!

  2. I ask myself this all the time, especially when I find myself on my iPad and macbook at the same time! Technology certainly makes life easier, but sometimes it's great to unplug!

    Rachel @ makeshiftmunch.blogspot.com

  3. I agree completely! My younger brother is in middle school, and it has opened my eyes to how much bullying goes online within that age group. It is so sad.

    XX, SS || seersuckersass.blogspot.com

  4. I have to agree with you. I think children get phones way too young now and spending way too much time playing on the computer and watching TV.


  5. I agree too. I feel like I'm on my phone literally 24/7... but at the same time, I feel so connected to my friends/fam this way. We live in an age of mobile relationships.

    Great post :)

    AJ | www.TheAJMinute.com

  6. I totally agree - seeing young kids with iPhones, iPads, or any type of technology is jaw dropping to me ... I didn't get my first phone until 6th grade, and it was "in case of emergency" phone.
    I saw that you were also taking part in #connectwithpreps, and I would love to connect with you as well! Feel free to email me or find me on social media!

    xo Sydney

  7. I loved this post so much and was so on board with all your ideas! I almost find it Weird when i see younger kids with iPhones and iPads!

  8. I totally agree, kids are becoming too attached to their phones and they don't know how to get out and just be kids. I definitely wouldn't want my child to have social media at such a young age.



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