Princess Day at the Theater

While I was interning today, I came up with a great; dress up friday! I decided the general theme would be princess since I have all girls for this camp.  They were so excited when I suggested the idea.  I can't wait to see what they dressed up as!  How cute right :) Since I am the assistant director, I figured it would be fitting that I dress up too!  I didn't have a crown, so I am going to borrow one from the prop room of the theater!  Here is what I plan on wearing today... 

I chose the Maxi dress because it was like a princess gown, but more adult so I didn't look too weird haha! Oh and as a side note, I talked to the owner of the company and I may be offered a full directing position next summer! go me :) 

Who is your favorite princess? 

Keep Prepping!  


  1. Congrats on the directing position for next summer! That will be so much fun! This is a great idea :)


    1. Thank you so much! I really love doing it and the princess day went great :) All the girls came dressed up! It was so cute!



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