Splurge Saturday

Even though I try to find cute, preppy clothing for a low price, sometimes there are the things I just want to splurge on!  Most of my splurge wants are from Kate Spade.  The bag designs are just so cute and I could buy like four full priced bags if I had the money!  Plus, all of Kate Spade's bags are made so well!  I absolutely love the tote I just bought there.  It is made of canvas and has been great so far.  I have been using it as an every day bag because it carries my load of stuff I always find necessary to have on me (what girl doesn't have this problem!)My recent splurge items that I would love to buy are also from Kate Spade!

All of these items are super cute! I especially love the Bourbon Street Jennie bag.  The color combination is so cute and modern.  Actually, the whole Bourbon Street collection from Kate Spade is adorable! 

What are your Saturday splurge wants? 

Keep Prepping! 

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