Riding Boots

One item I really need to get is a pair of riding boots.  I think that they look so great and are also very essential to any girls wardrobe!  My only dilemma in my search for a good riding boot, is finding the right one for me.  Every time I try a boot on, I always find something wrong with the way it fits.  I think this may have something to do with my height since I am really short, so the boots look a little tall on me.  I decided to create a small Polyvore to show you all some boots I have been looking at!  

Riding Boots

Yesterday I was able to try on the first boot and I actually really liked itI am waiting for a sale so I can decide if I really want them or not :)

Do you all have any riding boot advice or suggestions

Keep Prepping! 


  1. I just got my first pair last week! They're the FRYE Melissa Button Vintage Boot. Kind of expensive... but I think they were worth it since they're going to last a really long time. Definitely would recommend!


  2. I love ridding boots! You should look at the Tory Burch riding boots {there is always an amazing sale on them sometime during the season} and the Frye ridding boots. Those are my two favorite brands as far as riding boots go that are somewhat reasonably priced. They fit really well in the calf and on the foot.


  3. I just bought some very similar to the first pair at dottiecouture.com. It's one of my fav boutiques to shop at and cheaper than a department store. I love them!


  4. I agree with Lauren about the Tory Burch riding boots! They last for years, so they are worth spending a bit more on. You can also find good deals on last years styles on ebay!


  5. I love the brown ones on the right that you chose. Tory always has great boots, so does Michael Kors (which you can get in Macys). I just suggest trying them on in person before ordering them online to make sure they fit right (from one short girl to another haha!)

  6. I have the hardest time finding riding boots, too! As an athlete, my calves are larger than normal, and so boots tend to be too tight. I'm swooning over a pair of Tory Burch ones lately, but alas, they don't fit. Probably best for my budget, but still!!



  7. I have the same problem! I'm 5'2 so boots can look very overwhelming on my petite frame if they're too tall!
    I have the Frye Phillip riding boots and I would definitely recommend them! They're less expensive than the Tory Burch ones but still leather and very well made. I got mine at Bloomies in NYC last year :)

    Hope that helps! Let us know which ones you end up getting Hunter :)




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