How Do I Do It?

This is honestly, the question I ask myself every night when I go to bed.  I feel like there isn't one day that goes by where I don't have tons of homework or huge plans.  On my second Sunshine Award post, I got asked what clubs I was involved in.  I honestly never realized how much I do until I got asked in the comments by Alex, "how do you do it all"!  I am involved in probably 7 or 8 clubs at my school, which many would consider a lot.  I think what leads me to do so much is my over active brain.  I feel like I have to be involved in just about everything, or I will be a failure.  This, of course, can be very stressful at times.  It is very hard to balance all of my activities, friends, family, homework, etc.  Out of all of this stress, there is one quote that really keeps me motivated...

Audrey Hepburn Quote

I just love this quote from Audrey Hepburn!  Every time I am stressed out or I don't think I can get something done I always think to myself "this isn't impossible".

What quote inspires you all? 

Keep Prepping! 


  1. 'Hit Your Stride' I have it on a Kate Spade bracelet and it reminds me that although the stress and frustrationI feel are only part of it, that I am in control and need to keep moving forward. And to enjoy it!

  2. I always remind myself that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!"


  3. I still wonder how you do it all Hunter, haha! Thanks for sharing that extra motivation! My favorite quote at the moment is "If you want to be happy, than be" It reminds me life is too short to not do/be exactly what you want.

  4. I love the quote you picked for this post, such a great motivator and reminder! I was like you in high school, I was involved in so much and had tons of homework at night. I can honestly say being this way in high school actually ends up being a good way to be at this point in your life; college was a lot easier then high school and I'm a pro at time management. It pays off in the end!


  5. Love that quote!
    My all time favorite quote is "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." I think it speaks so much truth!


  6. I am in the same boat! I get asked this question often and sometimes I think my answer should be "I am just crazy" haha.



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