Friday Favorites

Since I haven't done this in a while, I figured I would share my five Friday favorites.  This week for me has just been so busy, tiring, and crazy!  The school year is finally starting to kick in, which means tests, quizzes, and of course *sigh* standardized testing.  Because of these things, I have had five main things that have gotten me through this week!  

1. My Boyfriend:  I used this bow necklace to symbolize my boyfriend because he bought me a similar one for our first anniversary!  He is always one of my favorites, but this week he has been especially amazing because he has been able to deal with my crazy stressed out self :)

2. PJ Pants: Because it is getting cooler, I can finally wear pj pants!  This is just another favorite part of fall for me because I love how comfy and cozy pj pants are

3. Lilly Mug: I have this mug in Chin Chin and I use it literally every morning for my tea!  Having tea in the morning really helps me get through my day! 

4. Hunter Boots: This week I have gotten a lot of use out of my Hunter Boots.  I just love that they can be worn in the fall, as well as the spring!

5. Macbook: The last thing I am loving this week is my Macbook because I have been able to get so much accomplished on it!  I was able to write an essay, write for my blog, shop, type notes, and many more great things :)

What are your Friday Favorites? 

Also, does anyone know why all my Polyvores are coming out with a grey background?

Keep Prepping! 


  1. I couldn't live without my Macbook. Also, I am loving those PJs!

  2. Those pajamas are so cute! I think my Friday 5 would be:
    1. My Macbook {I couldn't live w/o it}
    2. glass bottle coke
    3. The Blue Star {book}
    4. My black legging pants, I have worn them twice this week
    5. My planner


  3. My macbook was the best investment I ever made. I bought it 4 years ago and it still runs like new. One of my friday favorites is that new black zipper dress from J Crew... I'm obsessed.

  4. I love the boots ! I've been looking at getting a pair!


    1. They are definitely worth the investment! And for a less expensive option you can always get the kids size. I believe they go up to a size 8 in womens!


  5. Blog: Manhattan in Spring. Hi there! My names Kayby (I'm using a friends email) and my BFF Indi and I run a comedic fashion blog. We're still pretty new, but have got a few blogs up which I was hoping you could check out. Thank you so much and I'm a big fan of yours (;

  6. Those pjs are super cute! <3

  7. Love this post! My five favorite on Friday would be:
    1. My Erin Condren Planner
    2. Macbook
    3. Color Pens
    4. Sweaters
    5. My Longchamp bag!

  8. Cute PJ's! Perfect combination of style & comfort.



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