Back to School Shopping

Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping at our local outlet mall for back to school items.  Finding clothing was very easy, but finding some cute shoes was crazy!  First of all, there are very few outlets that carried the kind of shoes I was looking for.  I was looking for a nice shoe that was simple, cute, and leather.  Besides that issue, I realized there are generally not many shoe outlets at my outlet mall.  Despite all of this trouble I was able to find some great ballet flats from the Ralph Lauren outlet for only $45 dollars!  They are a very simple brown color with a cute logo in front:)

Other than these cute shoes, I got some other great pieces!  Here is a picture :)

It's kind of hard to see, but I got a Ralph Lauren button down, J. Crew Factory sweater, and purple scarf also.  I am so happy that I bought the sweater I have had my eyes on this season!  You can find it online here!

Have you all found any great back to school pieces? 

Keep Prepping!  


  1. J Crew factory has such great things right now- including that polka dot sweater!

  2. Love those flats. I've been dying to hit the outlets for fall clothes! What outlet location do you typically shop at?

    1. I don't know what the one I go to is called, but I know I have a Tanger outlet like 2 hours away that is great!




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