My New Design from Becky Kinkead

Hey everyone, if you all haven't noticed, Prep on a Budget has changed.  I am so excited to have this wonderful new design on my blog and I want to tell you all a little more about it and the designer behind it!  

First of all, I must say I was getting a little tired of my old blog look.  Even though I have only been blogging for about 3 months now, I just wanted something fresh and bright.  For this new design I decided to work with Becky Kinkead, an up and coming blog designer.  I gave Becky all of my specifics, such as the gingham print, the pink and green scheme, and all the add-ons I needed (about me pic, social media icons, favicon, blog button, etc.), and she worked her graphic design magic to create what is now Prep on a Budget! (P.S. she also recommended the domain name change too!)

After I received all of the items from Becky she also helped me install it myself.  She was so helpful with everything and I just love the new design!  I am really glad I chose to self install; even though it can be hard, I feel like I have more knowledge on what is behind my blog.

I am so happy I chose to have my blog re-designed by Becky.  I think that my blog is now more unique and tailored to me :)  If you all need any re-design, add-ons, etc.  you should definitely contact her.  You can visit her site or Facebook.  I have them linked below! 


What do you all think about the new design? 

Keep Prepping!  


  1. I think I have heard of that web designer before. I love what you all did with the site, it looks great!

  2. You're so sweet Hunter, thank you! Great job installing everything. Looks so bright & fresh.


  3. Love the changes to your blog. And thanks again for the social media icon tutorial, you were a big help yesterday! I'll probably have 100 more questions for you now!



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