My Last Weekend/School Year Goals

Well, this is my last weekend before school starts.  Going back to school is so bittersweet for me.  I am sad because I will miss all of the wonderful things I did this summer, but I am also excited because I feel like this year is going to be really good.  Since this is my last weekend before school, I thought I would share my goals for this school year.  Every school year and summer I try to make a set of simple goals, so I keep myself motivated to work hard.  I just love doing this because checking off another goal is a really great pick me up and it makes me feel accomplished.  So here is my list of goals for Junior year! 

I know these are all pretty basic, but they definitely help me get through the school year! 

What do you all think?  Do you all have any goals for this school year?

Keep Prepping!  


  1. it's always important to leave time for dinner with the girls! xx

  2. I agree with Rachel, finding time to catch up with girlfriends is super important---even more so when you get past high school and move on to college/adulthood! I still make them a priority despite being busy with so much!

  3. I think social goal are just as important as academic goals! I think the girls dinner is a great goal; you always have to make time for yourself, friends and family!




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