Friday Favorites

Since I am going back to school soon and my favorite season is coming up, I figured I would create another Friday Favorites post.  I honestly am so excited for back to school.  I have a really good feeling about this year and I can't wait to get started.  I also can't wait for fall!  I really want to start wearing some warmer clothes and get use out of my new jeans (upcoming post on those soon).  So, here are my Friday Favorites :)

1. The Charley Sweater: As you all have noticed,  I have been mentioning this sweater a lot.  That is just because I love it that much!  It is so comfy, warm, and adorable.  I can't wait to wear it once it starts getting colder here! 

2. Carrie from Sex and the City: One thing you all may not know about me is that I love Sex and the City.  This show is my favorite, I literally can watch hours of it if I let myself.  My favorite character in the show is Charlotte because she reminds me a lot of myself, but lately I have been channeling my inner Carrie.  I just love the way her character is written and the style of writing they gave her in the show.  

3.Lilly Tumbler: Another item on my favorites list is this Lilly tumbler.  Since I bought the tumbler I have used it every day.  I drink about 4 full glasses from the tumbler, which is 80 oz.  I am so happy that I am drinking more water now.  I honestly feel so much more energized now that I am :)

4. Pearl Earrings: One thing a preppy girl can never have enough of is pearls.  I just bought a pack of pearl earrings from Forever 21 that I love.  Even though they are fake, I really like them.  The pack comes with white, pink, brown, and grey! 

5. Nude Nail Polish: The last item on my favorites list is nude nail polish.  I thought this color from Essie was really pretty and I want to look into purchasing it.  I just love nude nail polish because it goes with everything, is simple, and totally chic.  I think nude nail polish is really making a come back this fall! 

What are you all loving this Friday? 

Keep Prepping! 


  1. lily tumblers are the best!!!

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  2. I am a huge fun of Lilly tumblers and I love that color nail polish! I don't usually watch a lot of TV but Sex and the City is my favorite show of all time I could watch it for hours on end.


  3. Great Friday post. Love your picks.

    Happy Friday!


  4. I love wearing pearls with an edgier top. It adds a touch of something girl to your outfit!

    Somya | somi ◈ gee



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