Getting Healthy

After I had the ever so wonderful meal from McDonalds last week, I realized I really need to start eating healthier.  My face actually broke out the minute after I finished eating and I could not believe it!  So, after that craziness, I decided I should try to be more conscientious about what I am eating.  Not only will it make me happier, but it will make my body a lot healthier and more energized.  Here are a few of my tips/ideas for getting healthy! 
Getting Healthy
Hopefully these tips will help get me on the healthy kick I have been needing for while; now I juse need to start working out, but I think that will take a little bit more time haha ;) 

How do you stay healthy?  Any tips I should add?


  1. Drinking water makes such a big difference surprisingly! Great list!


  2. Pre-packing healthy snacks to throw in my backpack or purse helps a lot! I'm not tempted to buy junk food on the go because I already have my snack with me! Thanks for sharing.
    - Victoria

  3. I definitely try to plan my meals out in advance... seeing it written down helps me realize if I'm eating bad and it allows me to make some changes.

  4. Having a healthy breakfast is so important to me. Nothing makes me feel more energized and ready to take on the day the way a hearty breakfast does!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  5. I love that you're trying to be healthier... I am too! I'm going on a "clean eating" kick where I don't eat any processed foods, just whole foods like fruit, veggies and protein! It's supposed to make you feel amazing!



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