Top 5 Shoes

I am sure you know this already, but I love shoes!  They are my ultimate therapy when I am upset and it always makes my day to look down at happy feet.  Even though I have several pairs, I thought I would share my absolute favorites with you!

 1. Anne Klein Blush Heels: I got these for prom this year and I can't wait to wear them!  I would wear them more, but my mom wants me to wait haha, so I won't get to wear them around until prom; however, I think I will be getting a lot of use out of these heels!

 2. Giani Bernini Work Shoes: I got these shoes for my job at the theater and I am in love.  They are so comfy, but also very durable.  The reason I went with this pair is because they are patent, which I will be able to get grease out of, and they are stylish too!

3. Jack Rogers: How can anyone go wrong with a pair of jacks?  These are obviously very well loved haha, but they are my favorite spring/summer shoes!

4. Steve Madden Leopard Flats (unavailable): This pair of flats was my first encounter with leopard shoes and I must say they got me hooked.  They are so comfy and they pull any outfit together!
5. Target Leopard Pumps (unavailable): Last but not least are my leopard pumps.  I got these from Target last year and they are by far the comfiest shoes I own.  I can walk in them forever and look stylish too!
Needless to say, I love my shoes, and I can't wait to collect more!

What are some of your favorite shoes?


  1. Love the Anne Kleins! I feel like you can never go wrong with Blush.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. When I had my prom (many years ago) I went on a desperate search for a specific pair of Anne Klein slingback pumps. Unfortunately, I did not find them in my size and moved on to other options. My favorite pump has to be the J.Crew Etta which is not being produced in any new styles at the moment - I believe it has sort of been replaced by the Blakely pump. The Anne Klein pumps you have are simply lovely.

  3. I have those Steve Madden leopard loafers too and they are my favorittttte!!!

  4. Love all of these shoes! Great picks!


  5. Loving the leopard loafers, I'm a sucker for anything calf hair!

  6. Your prom shoes are too cute! They're perfect for a special occasion like prom, but I can see them being worn out to lunch too.

    Constance || Prep Northwest



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