Work Essentials

Let me start off by saying, I am having a much better day today!  Tuesday was just not happening for me, but training on Wednesday and all of my friends made everything much better.  Training was so much fun and I think I am really going to enjoy my job!  I train one more time on Saturday, and then I am on my own from there :)

  Since I just started work, I thought I should put together a list of work essentials for anyone starting their first job!
1. Hair ties; a must in the food industry and basically any job.

2. A couple of classic dress shirts.

3. Black trousers.

4. Cute and extremely comfortable shoes!

5. A good sized bag to carry everything you need.

6. Classic lip color

7. Fun pieces of jewelry to accesorize with!

All of these are pretty essentials to my job and can be applied to most first time jobs.  I really must stress the comfortable shoes though!  It makes a huge difference, trust me.

 What are your work essentials?


  1. Great work essentials! Love the handbag you included in this post!


  2. I always found outerwear to be a work essential, because you're often in an environment where the temperature is controlled by someone else. I've found that in a lot of workplaces it's controlled by a man who has about 100lbs. on me and would find a New York autumn uncomfortable warm. Cardigans, blazers, and shawls can make the difference between an uncomfortable day and a pleasant one!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  3. Comfortable pair of shoes is definitely a must along with fun jewelry to jazz up an outfit. I also like to have a good book (I know, it's not a clothing item) for when you have a break or lunch hour!

  4. I always bring my planner. Never know when you need to write down a password, something important, or upcoming schedule!




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