Tag Tuesday: Colors

Today I just got tagged in my first Tag Tuesday post!  Rachel from Makeshift Munch chose to tag me, so here it goes!  I thought I would tag some of my favorite brand items in the colors I was given!
1. Red: These cute shoes are on sale at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale this year!  I just love the cute bow!
2. Orange: Another thing I have been searching for is a cute card case!  I love this orange one from Tory Burch!
3. Yellow: This is the Sunshine color in the Longchamp Le Pliage bag!  It is no longer in stock, but I linked the regular page for the Longchamp Le Pliage large totes at Nordstrom!
4. Green: This is the green color of the Kate Spade wallet I have listed under my Wallet Obsession post!  I just love the great quality of Kate Spade items!
5. Blue: This cute bracelet is from C. Wonder!  I love this monogram bracelet as it is so classic. 
6. Indigo: I own this shirtdress from Gap and it really is my favorite go to dress!  It is so comfy, plus it has pockets. 
7. Violet: I found this cute Essie polish from Nordstrom.  The color is Full Steam Ahead. 
8. Pink: These earrings from Francesca's are to die for.  I love how affordable and cute all of the earrings are at their store!
9. Multi Color: For my multi color I chose this cosmetic case from Kate Spade! So cute, right?    

Thank you to Rachel for tagging me! To continue the tag tuesday posting I chose to tag Lindsay from Pearls Please!

Keep Prepping! 



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