DIY Ruby Slippers

Yesterday I found out that I got cast as Dorothy in an upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz!  I am so excited :)  I have always wanted to be Dorothy since I first saw the movie, and now I get to live out my childhood dream!  Since I got the part of Dorothy, I am in charge of buying/creating my ruby slippers.  The reason I am in charge of the ruby slippers is because I plan on keeping them.  So far, I have found some DIY projects on Pinterest that might be worth trying.  Here are the pictures and links.  

I still can't decide between making them with glitter or sequins.  I know the sequins will take me longer, but I feel like they look better. 

Have you all ever wanted your own pair of ruby slippers? 

Keep Prepping! 


  1. Congratulations - this is so exciting!! I love ruby slippers, I have always wanted a pair myself :)



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